Kevin Bond is still looking for his first home victory

Last updated : 25 November 2007 By The Chairman
Bournemouth manager Kevin Bond is still looking for his first home victory of the season after Athletic went to Dean Court and came away with a convincing 3-0 victory.

Before the game the manager admitted, "I totally understand the frustration, but the way the fans vent that frustration doesn't always help. The current situation 'is our own doing' but we need to be in a situation where we're comfortable playing at home. How they react to me and what they want or don't want from me I'm not overly concerned about. But when you're at home we need the fans to stick with us when we're going through our most difficult times. We need fans to cheer us and help us on."

"If at the end of the game it's not to be and they want to boo us off because we haven't done the job then so be it. I know that supporters want us to win so I can't get my head round why they would do something that is categorically counter productive. We've brought this upon ourselves and we need to get out of it, but when we're at home we need that siege mentality and total support and it can and does make a difference."

After the game the home crowd booed off their team!