Beat The Manager - Final Tables

Last updated : 06 May 2006 By The Chairman
The final results are in after a competitive season of Beat The Manager, the popular FootyMad prediction game. Dave Moore's Vancouver Whitecaps topped the league with 202 points (105th. position out of 748 players in all the leagues) with Pete Howarth's Masked Owls coming a close runner up with 187 points.

The personal battle for honours among friends in the mini-league (Vancouver Whitecaps, Superhotpants and Nobbies Nobblers) was won by.....Dave Moore's Vancouver Whitecaps with 202 points, followed by Nobbies Nobblers (191 points) and third placed Superhotpants (185 points). The Whitecaps had a 23 point handicap against the Nobblers and a 14 point handicap against Superhotpants. I believe the drinks are on the losers!!!!

The top ten places are as follows (out of 42 players):

Vancouver Whitecaps 202 (Champions)
Masked Owls (Pete Howarth) 187 (Runners up)
Keep The Faith (Tansy Jones) 185
Vita Villa (Scott Bennett) 173
Superhotpants (Scott Hewitson) 171
Clitheroe Latics (Adam Gordon) 169
Nobbies Nobblers (Barry Noble) 169
Chaddyentwistles (Alex Entwistle) 166
Hunter72 (Ivan Tarpanov) 165
Andy Ritchie Forever (Rob Lynch) 157

With Superhotpants winning the league last season (also number one in all leagues - a remarkable feat) and The Vancouver Whitecaps winning the title this season can no-one break this Canadian stranglehold on the league? Congratulations to all participants in a competitive and enthralling season which has seen teams fluctuate on a weekly basis. It's a bitter-sweet sensation when you predict the Latics to lose and they win and vice-versa. All in all, it's been fun again and we now start the countdown to next season. Can you make a difference?