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Scholes wanted the job Scholes wanted the job
"Good luck to Richie"
Wellens elated Wellens elated
"I'm very proud and delighted"
It's official It's official
Wellens gets the job
Latics cup draw Latics cup draw
have to travel
Youngsters go on loan Youngsters go on loan
both could appear in cup
It's a no from Scholes It's a no from Scholes
could be an advisory role
Seedorf no
Wellens continues
Investment or not?
all's quiet
Latics interested in Stewart?
to train with Latics?
Wellens throws his hat in
"I've said yes "
Players not paid
and other staff
Fans praised
at Pompey
Blackburn all ticket
for all fans
Fans fears
feeder club scare
Bury rescheduled
apter postponement
Doyle out
Wellens - "I've got Holloway back"
Wilson red red appealed
will miss trip to Pompey
Wellens takes charge
Wright has gone too
Sheridan has gone! mutual consent
Investment attempt still ongoing
books inspected
More rumours
could popular Shez be ousted?
Football Secretary appointed
former Manchester FA man
Latics hit rock bottom
Shez - "I thought the performance was ok considering who we were playing"
More takeover rumours
New investors.... new manager?
Latics WIN!
Shez - "It's a big relief"

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