Latest Oldham Athletic football news

Storms are brewing Storms are brewing
New stand closed
Maouche signs Maouche signs
one-year deal
Banide looks to youth Banide looks to youth
"I love English football"
Latics linked Latics linked
ex-Wanderers forward linked
Clarke moves on Clarke moves on
parting words
New Managing Director appointed New Managing Director appointed
"there's plenty of work to do"
Hunt signs for Swindon
"I'm buzzing to finally get it all sorted"
Clarke back in training
"I firmly believe we had the makings of a decent team and squad"
African date
training camp named
Mills signs
"I know about the club from playing against them previously"
Edmundson gone
Gerrard gets his man
Banide the fifth
from Middle East to Ice Station Zebra
Friendly arranged
neighbours to visit Boundary Park
New head coach announced
Laurent Banide appointed
Edmundson hunt intensifies
asking price doubled
'Manager' hunt could take some time
"cannot guarantee any long-term backing to the new head coach"
Edmundson rejects contract
still has a year on his current contract
Latics eye Devitt
"he's had a terrific season"
Friendly arranged
Rangers away
Courting time
"The debt was paid in full a while ago"
Iacovitti signs
"I really enjoyed my time on loan"
Vision statement
Future planned out
New board announced
with immediate effect
Neppo signs
"I've had some special memories"
Edmundson is hunted
Rangers now favourites