Davies could soon be jailed

Last updated : 23 June 2007 By The Chairman
Latics latest transfer target, Welsh star Craig Davies could soon be jailed for waging a campaign of fear against his ex-girlfriend after she dumped him. Craig faces the possibility of up to six months in prison after being found guilty of harrassment after punishing mother of one Maya Black for over over nine months. He sent her abusive texts and made threatening gestures at her five-year-old son. His ex-girlfriend described the ordeal as "the worst year of my life".

Miss Black told Birmingham Magistrates Court, "When I met Craig he was a really lovely guy. He was great with my child and the three of us got on really well together, but, just like any other relationship, things started to go wrong and I had to get away from him and start again. That's when everything changed and I can honestly say that the last year was the worst of my life. I was never interested in the money or anything like that. I never wanted to be a WAG and didn't scour the clubs looking for footballers like some girls do nowadays. Before I met Craig, I was happy with my life. I was independent, I had my own mind and concentrated on giving my son the best possible start in life. I felt really upset. I just felt completely weak and powerless. I was trying to do everything to prevent the situation. I never spat on his car and never would, that was a complete lie. There is no point making things up just to hurt another person you are supposed to love."

After the case Davies said, "I am surprised and disappointed but I just want to put the whole thing behind me."