Demolition Derby!

Manager Richie Wellens was delighted with the squad's performance in the 3-1 win over neighbours Rochdale. Cameron Dummigan and two goals from Eoin Doyle were enough to send the Dale back down the road with their tails firmly between their legs.

Wellens commented, “I thought it was fully deserved. We were the team making the chances and we played really well on the front foot. There was a good tempo to the game and Rochdale obviously contributed to that but I don’t think, bar Henderson’s chance, we gave any chances away today, obviously they scored the goal through our mistake. We started really well, I thought Cameron Dummigan was outstanding again. You get to 80 minutes and you’ve not took your chances and you always have that doubt in the back of your mind that they might go and sneak one but if we keep making chance after chance and one lands to Doyle, you hope it goes in.”

“It’s frustrating when you get so many chances, and especially chances that you’re expecting the net to ripple and it doesn’t, you do get a little bit anxious. We have to say that the lads and the way the team is set up, we set the team up for Eoin Doyle to score goals. We don’t play one up, we don’t ask our centre forwards to drop in. He’s enjoying his football, he’s playing with a smile on his face and, a character like Doyle, if he’s scoring goals he’s happy. He’s a finisher, he’s always on the move and he’s a great example to any young kids watching on how to play as a centre forward if you’re not a physical player. His second goal is an outstanding finish, he knows the way the ball is coming to him, I don’t even think he looked, he knows the keeper is off his line. Some players will see it, some players will think they can do it but to pull it off in the way he did, it’s an outstanding finish.”

“I thought the subs had a real good impact, Aaron Amadi-Holloway came on and was outstanding, physical, quick, aggressive and he could have scored at the end. I thought Queensy Menig was an outlet, good pace, worked hard and I thought when we go 3-1 up and Gerrard is injured then Peter Clarke won every single ball in the box in the last seven or eight minutes. The subs had a real impact and it was a real good squad performance today. We knew they had threats and good players, the form that we’re in we’re just trying to concentrate on ourselves and pick up wins to try and get us away from the relegation zone.”