Dowie in trouble again

Last updated : 31 May 2006 By The Chairman
Ex-Latics manager Iain Dowie has been appointed the new manager of Charlton and Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has claimed that Dowie made "fraudulent statements about his reasons for leaving the club" and is taking the manager to court. Dowie left Athletic in 2003 under a cloud of smoke after giving assurances that he was going nowhere. "Go hard or go home" was his motto but unfortunately he went home leaving Athletic in dire straights.

Jordan said that Dowie had given his reasons but insisted that, "He told me he wanted to go back to the north to be with his family. My club waived compensation because he said he wanted to return to the north. I released him from a £1m. compensation clause because he said he wasn't going to do what he's done. Iain Dowie had a £1m. compensation clause in his contract and there is no reason why I would take that out unless it was as a gesture of goodwill. I'll prove it to the High Court. I would not issue a writ on a point of principle, I issue it on a point of law. I would be disappointed if Iain were to turn up at Charlton. He understands my view. I have made this situation far less acrimonious than it could have been."

The clause stated that any new club would have to pay Palace £1m. Dowie has publicly stated that he wanted to leave Selhurst Park for a "new challenge". Dowie said, "The first conversation I had with Charlton was two days after (leaving Palace). If that is what he (Jordan) feels then that is what he feels but it totally misrepresents the conversation I had with Simon. I'm not going to let it sour a good day for me."

When served with a claim Dowie said, "I thought it was a joke. I thought it was the pantomime season." Charlton chairman Richard Murray added, "Simon has always been rather envious or jealous of Charlton because we have had the success he has been striving for, with a wonderful stadium which we own. But I do not know what has got his goat. Maybe he should ring me. We all know that Simon is a good businessman. I am sure if the reasons Iain was leaving for his family to go up north, he would have put that in the contract. If he did not, then maybe Simon has not had the best advice. What amazes me about Simon is that he writes about me in the papers, maybe he should just pick up the phone and talk to me about it."

This sounds all too familiar to Latics fans, many of whom were gutted when Dowie left Athletic to join Crystal Palace. He was labelled a "Judas" my many Latics faithful.