Fan in court

In a moment of madness one of the Oldham fans ran onto the field to remonstrate with the referee, Peter Barkes, after the awarding of a penalty in last nights 1-1 draw to Rochdale. He has subsequently been charged. The referee showed exceptional skills in sidestepping the attack and the fan slipped and hit the ground, whereupon defender Anthony Gerrard helped restrain him until the officials could frog-march him off the field. Greater Manchester Police have charged the 27-year-old man with pitch encroachment, possession of a class A drug and a section 4 public order offence and he is to appear at Manchester Magistrates Court on 9th May.

Latics boss Richie Wellens said, “I saw the end of it. I didn't see what happened. I saw someone slip into Gerrard. If he's a fan running on the pitch he's picking on the wrong lad in Gerrard because I've seen him box. For any fan to come onto the pitch is not right. Got loads of fans here who were brilliant and behaved.”