Franchise FC 4 Latics 4

The Latics kept the unbeaten run going with a 4-4 draw at Franchise FC on Saturday. It should have been three points as they led 4-2 with ten minutes to go. Manager Richie Wellens was rightly disappointed with the collapse at the end but was still upbeat.

He said, “It’s a weird stadium as there are hardly any fans here and it felt like a pre-season friendly. We went in the lead and I was happy and was happy to go end-to-end with them. We went in at 3-1 at half time and gave away a stupid foul on the edge of the area, but the lad does well to stick it in the top corner. We were in control at 4-2 but we just dropped too deep. It’s just a little sign of a team who panic. I don’t want them to panic or go negative on me. At 4-2, I wanted to go on and win 5-2 but we just dropped too deep. It’s a sickener to concede so late and when you come away from home and score four goals, you expect to win the game but I’m gutted to be honest.”

“I thought we should have passed him the ball more. Queensy Menig was positive, he was taking players on and he was effective. Queensy, Doyle and Davies were a threat in the first half but the second half papers over what happened in the first half. If you would have said to me, you would come to Bradford and MK Dons and take a point from each, I would have accepted it as long as we win against Bury on Tuesday. These points are good only if we beat Bury on Tuesday because these results keep our points tally ticking over. I just wanted us to be more positive and score the next goal and play higher but it just shows their is just a chink in our armour at the moment. I want us to be more ruthless.”