Kelly Eyes Up what's going on

Last updated : 04 February 2006 By Dave Moore
The lad has said nothing other than airing his views about the internal running of the club, to publish his earnings was a poor thing to do. Surely if a player scores a pile of goals and still can''t get in the team, he deserves to consider that his future must lie elsewhere?

Perhaps he was wrong to suggest the the hierachy at the club have a hand in team affairs, but it happens at many places players are not used because of clauses in contract etc.

He is dissappointed to have left that much is obvious having read his comments, perhaps the truth hurts a little. Would it not have been a better idea to just wish the lad all the very best in his new employment and agree to differ on certain points of his statement.

The press as you know will push to get the reason why someone leaves employment at one club to take up employment at a new one. Chris gave his reasons, he should not be condemned for doing so, he is entitled to his view as much as the next man.

I may be off the mark here but his there not history between the 2 clubs over the transfer of a player a few years back (Jamie Cureton), perhaps this is another reason why this has been allowed to get out of hand and the Chris is just a pawn in a bigger disagreement between both clubs.

I am not just defending the player because he has joined my club but every player will have a little dig at his old employers, who wouldn''t if they felt dissappointed?

Good luck to Oldham for the rest of this season, I am sure his leaving will reduced the demands on the club''s wage bill and that you can finance new deals in his absence.

Regards Kevin Kelly