Kelly to prove dissenters wrong

Last updated : 07 May 2015 By Dave Moore

Darren Kelly hopes to prove the dissenters wrong when he tackles the coming season at Boundary Park.

He admitted, “I have to prove to a lot of people that I am capable of being successful in the job — because it is their football club. At the end of the day, people don’t know me. And that excites and motivates me, because then I can go out and prove what I am worth and results will dictate that. It is a very big job here. It is getting a team around me who will buy into my philosophy and what I want to do. I have watched a lot of League One and I fear nothing. There is a good side here and with a couple of little additions, there is no reason why we can’t go to the top.”

“I am a bit of a football geek. I have methods I think only I can implement and, along with Dean Holden, I will work very hard to do that on the training ground. I am trying to think outside the box. I went to a lot of League One games this season, including quite a lot of Oldham games, and I know what is required to get out of this division. I have a belief in myself. We will work very closely together and while I will make the decisions, Dean knows the players inside out. To go in one direction, we have to pull together.”