Latics sold claim

Last updated : 08 November 2006 By Dave Moore
There is speculation that the owners of the club have agreed to a deal that will see Oldham Athletic sold. Former chairman Barry Chaytow has told the Oldham Chronicle that he put in a bid of his own for a sum of £19 million which was turned down but he claims that a rival offer had now been accepted by TTA (Simon Blitz, Simon Corney and Danny Gazal).

Chaytow (pictured) claims that it is a businessman with strong football connections and also claims that the deal will be completed within eight weeks. Mr. Chaytow said, “On September 21, my official offer of £15 million, subject to contract and planning, was sent by email to Simon Blitz and Danny Gazal for the purchase of Oldham Athletic Football Club and the surrounding land. A further £3 million was earmarked for the building of a new stand, which is the present New Start Mortgages Stand (Broadway side) and would include new offices, hospitality, banqueting and changing rooms, plus refurbishment of the present main stand. In addition, £1 million was available for manager John Sheridan to strengthen his squad, as well as going towards the everyday running of the club".

“I felt it was a very generous offer and would have moved the club forward in the right direction both on and off the field. I was extremely disappointed to read in the Oldham Chronicle on September 27th. that ‘the current owners have yet to receive a bid from Mr Chaytow'. This is despite the fact that Simon Corney verbally acknowledged receipt of the bid on September 22nd. The biggest disappointment of all was to hear from Simon Corney that the owners have now agreed an unconditional deal to sell the club to another bidder and have accepted their cheque as a deposit. This particular deal was negotiated on the same day they announced to the press and stated in the programme notes that they ‘have no intention of selling up'."

"I would have paid the owners £15 million, which was a lot of money if you look at the amounts involved when other clubs are taken over. I assume the offer they accepted was for a similar amount, or maybe more, but it does surprise me that there are no planning conditions attached. I have no axe to grind with the owners, but I feel it's important for people to be updated on what's happening. I've been told the other bidders, who have paid their deposit, have until January to come up with the rest of the money. If for any reason that deal doesn't materialise, my offer still stands.”

Managing Director Simon Corney was quick to respond to Mr. Chaytow's media release and he publicly stated, "I don't know why people are saying things about the Club. If there was anything to report we would let the fans know first. Yes, we have had a bid from Mr. Chaytow, but that was turned down. We have not let the fans down in the time we have been at the club and we have no intention of doing so. There will be no further comment on this matter."

Who could blame TTA if they were to pull out at this stage? They have invested a fortune of their money to save the Latics and establsh them back firmly on the Football League rung. It is common knowledge that the club is still losing heavily every week. But they have previously stated that they would never sell out unless the future well being of the club would be guaranteed. The next couple of weeks should prove interesting.