New players on the list

Last updated : 24 December 2015 By The Chairman

Latics boss David Dunn is planning to bring in new players to help bolster the flagging season when the January transfer window opens. With 34 players already being used this season, he’s looking for more positive consistency among the team.

Dunn said, “There are positions that we need, without a doubt. That is what we will look to do. It is pretty simple — we need to get certain positions sorted. We have had to swap and change the team too much this year. We have used too many players. I don’t think recruitment has been very good previously, that’s for sure. We can’t make it an excuse, I haven’t and I won’t, but it’s no secret we have been looking at certain positions for a while. But players who can make a difference are few and far between.”

“I hate that players feel like they can go somewhere where there is no pressure. Why bother? Most players have six months on their contracts left. They need to give everything — blood, sweat and tears — for this shirt until May. Character is a big thing. We can’t have weak people.”