Rhodes returns

Andy Rhodes has returned to Boundary Park as assistant manager. He has been wrenched away from Sheffield Wednesday where he held the role of Head of Goalkeeping since 2010.

Rhodes said, “I had a really good job at a wonderful football club and I had a long and successful time there. The appeal was working with Frank and being here at Oldham Athletic, however. If it hadn’t have been Oldham I would have probably stayed still, but it was Oldham and that was that. It’s fantastic, a dream come true. It’s great to be back, I can’t keep away from the place, I love it. I was here as a player in the great days with some really good people and I was fortunate to come back with Andy Ritchie and Iain Dowie as goalkeeping coach. The next progression in your life is to go the managerial side and fortunately Frank asked me to do that and I couldn’t wait to get here.”