Roving Reporter Ratings

Last updated : 18 September 2006 By Boundary Blue
Once again our man on the spot at Bloomfield Road, Boundary Blue, defines who did what, why, when and how, as well as who didn't do what, why, when and how after the clash of the Lancastrians at the seaside. In his own words..........

Pogs - 7 - Did well, didn't have lots to do. Clean hands when called for especially on the crosses. Do have a slight question mark over his positioning for their 2nd - why so close to the far post. Had he been central he'd have made the save to his left? Probably harsh to be too critical though...the defence went AWOL and left him utterly exposed.

Eardley - 6 - Hit and miss. Not his best game but not his worst either. Possesses an excellent 1st touch, as a lot seem to in the side.

Haining (pictured) - 7 - Fairly solid. A tad unlucky for their 1st, swung a boot to clear it and Vernon knew little about where the ball was coming from or going as it flew into the net.

Stam - 7 MOTM - Solid performance again. Gets into every corner and made some great headed clearances when he wasn't favourite to win them.

Charlton - 7 - Others have raved about Charlton. I've thought he was ok from the start, but to me he is now clearly getting better and better. Has a good touch, plays some peachy balls forward and now we've found he can take corners from one side. Put in 2 testers early on....more of that please.

Lids - 5 - Disappointed. Time for a bit of "managing of a star player" to take place. ......needs putting on the bench and reserves for a few weeks. He's not doing the basics.....he seems to think he's in the Premiership still. Won't go to a ball and he expects the ball to his feet every time (this is League One for a reason!) and never in that 1st. half did he venture down our wing into our attacking 3rd. We were so unbalanced and narrow and tried playing balls down into that area......leaving Porter to have to come out on the wing and pick the ball up.....leaving us empty in the middle. I wondered a few weeks ago whether we accept this as we know he has flashes of brilliance......we're not seeing them flashes though. He needs time out now IMO. Then we might find the old Liddell in him, that we all know he has!

Wellens - 7 - When he got space, he did the business. Kept us ticking over. Great strike for the goal - needs to do that more often as he's been guilty of over-passing sometimes IMO. Has the ability to score aplenty....although his earlier effort (trying to get on Soccer AM again with a cheeky lob) was a bit pathetic. Get to the edge of the final 3rd. more Richie and belt it like that. You'll score your fair share then!

McDonald - 6 - Disappointing. Not his usual self although our more direct style of play to the RW which was either barren or had Porter coming out to, meant the ball often just came straight back at us. Maybe this game simply just didn't suit him. Saying that though, he gave it 100%....all you can ask. And actually looked alright and capable when moved to RB. Overall though, just wasn't quite there with it in this one.

Taylor - 6 - Arghhhh!.....this is really one that is sticking in my throat this season! Chris Taylor is NOT a left winger! Or a left sided player......ok, he was filling a gap but Rocastle would've been a better bet IMO. Taylor did well enough however, but attack-wise we didn't look threatening from that side at all. Please, stick him on the right for gods sake!

Warne - 7 - Did his best under difficult circumstances. Always involved once we got the ball to stick in their 3rd, but wasn't enough times. Off what he was fed though, the "headless chicken" did his best.

Porter - 7 - Another nicely taken goal. Un-nerves defenders. Has the knack of being in the right place at the right time. Just was a little wasted at times when he had to go over to the right wing and pick up the ball. Often resulted in us either losing possession or the attacking advantage gained. Playing his role well though.

Subs: Rocastle - 7 - Kept it ticking over. Held onto the ball and set us going forward a couple of times, late on.

Grabban - 6 - A lower marked score for not doing better when he should put us 3-1 up. I like this lad. Has skill and something else about him. A presence. I think him and Porter could be very good together. Warne might be better used in Lids' place, while he has a rest and a few weeks with the reserves.

Wood - 6 - No time to make an impression.

Shez (unrated) - Taylor's not a LW. Had hoped to see Rocastle being played on the left wing and not Taylor. Also, I was surprised McDonald stayed on and Eardley went off (unless injury forced that.) Lids too escaping being substituted. Could've put Taylor onto the right then.....and give us an ally to go down and hold up the ball. Didn't have enough in the last 10 mins. to make it stick in non-dangerous areas.....felt we could've been a bit cleverer and it might not have cost us like it did. Overall, a happy, positive 4pts. from 6. We'll take that!