Run comes to an end

Richie Wellens impressive management run of seven games undefeated came to an end on Saturday with a 3-2 home defeat by Scunthorpe United. Wellens was disappointed with the start his team made to the game.

He said, “It’s disappointing the unbeaten run has come to an end, I thought we did more than enough to get something out the game. It was a shocking start, too passive and too slow in terms of passing the ball. Once we went two down we made a substitution and I thought from then on in we were the better team and I think they got in our box five or six times in the whole first half. They were a strange team, they were quite efficient, they weren’t brilliant at anything but they haven’t got many weaknesses, quite rigid in what they did but we just stood off the two midfield players and let them play. Once we pressed them and started getting on the front foot and Jack Byrne started getting on the ball, I thought he was excellent today, they couldn’t deal with us.”

“You have to give them credit for the start that they made, they started really quickly and we didn’t recover from that. The biggest disappointment for me is the best finisher in the league has had five good opportunities and hasn’t taken one, but Eoin Doyle will have another day. I’m really proud of the players and we’ll go again. I’m looking forward to the FA Cup game and I was looking forward to giving a few players a rest but when you bring players in that aren’t the same level as the ones you bring out, maybe it alters your thinking. I want players to be on it when they get a chance. They know that the starting eleven has been firing on all cylinders so when they chance and go in they need to take it.”