Save our Club

Last updated : 24 November 2007 By The Chairman
A petition to PM Gordon Brown has been set up to ask for his help in the fight to overturn the Councils decisions with regards to the redevelopment plans at BP. We would encourage everybody to sign via the link below and help us publicise this petition amongst Oldhams fans and the wider public.

The petition states:

"Oldham Athletic plans to completely redevelop the Boundary Park ground have been rejected by Oldham council at a meeting this week. The plans included a hotel and conferencing facilities which would have helped pay for the redevelopment. The reasons given were possible traffic problems and a loss of open space and amenities. Not issues that stopped a large retail park being built next door. I would say that building a new home for football and rugby league in Oldham on our car park and training facilities would add to the amenties of Oldham not take them away. Most clubs in the English Football league face a constant struggle to survive, so for a plan to secure financial long term future of the towns football club and rugby league club to be snubbed, seems unbelievable. Oldham Athletic and Oldham Roughyeds have a proud history in the community and they deserve a future in it. So I urge the people of Oldham, the fans of the football and rugby club and right minded people everywhere to petition the Prime Minister to help us overturn this decision. Thank you."