Scholes wanted the job

Paul Scholes has now admitted that he wanted the Oldham Athletic manager’s job. It was rumoured that the ex-England midfielder did not originally want the job and was interviewed in an advisory capacity but Sky Sports have now revealed that he was interviewed for the manager’s job and that he lost out to Richie Wellens.

Scholes said, “I wanted the job. It's not a secret from my side. It is something that interested me. Talks went well but they probably interviewed a few people. It was a job that I wanted, it was something I was interested in. They couldn't ignore what Rich's [Wellens] done with the five games he has been in charge. They have won four and drew against Bradford on Tuesday. He has done a fantastic job and turned it right around. I think he has the fans excited again with a style football they haven't seen for a while. Good luck to Richie, he has got the job and hopefully he can carry that on.”

“It might happen one day, I was hoping it would be this time. I have done my coaching badges. Why do coaching badges if you don't want to go into football? It's something in the future I want to do. I have had a couple of offers in the last year or so but this was the one that interested me the most. Whether something comes along in the future we will have to see.”