Shez should have bought

Last updated : 01 March 2007 By Dave Moore
John Sheridan has admitted that he should have signed somebody before his team went on a self destruct course. Sheridan admitted, "We've got tired legs and no cutting edge, and I'm responsible for that because I probably should have made signings two or three weeks ago. If anyone thinks I haven't been trying they are mistaken, but I probably should have done it. I've got a strong 12 or 13 players at the moment, but after that there are lads in the squad who shouldn't be anywhere near. They aren't ready, so I need some more experienced players and I need them as soon as possible. At times I've never been off the phone, but you wouldn't believe the number of players who don't want to come here and play when they are earning big bucks. It makes me laugh, and there's one lad who I thought would be coming this week, but we've got a budget and I won't pay over the odds."

"We need to freshen things up, though. There's another tough game at Carlisle on Saturday and we can't afford to lose again. I feel very disappointed for the fans, who have really believed we are going places, but there's still plenty of time to do well this season if the players show the right character."