Shez still fuming after lack-lustre performance

Last updated : 30 October 2007 By Dave Moore
John Sheridan was fuming after his sides inadequacies in the home defeat by Northampton Town on Saturday. He said, "The game should have been over at half-time, and I'm sick of repeating myself week after week. We should have been 2-0 up because we were well on top and our 'keeper had nothing whatsoever to do, but I could read the script. We had great chances for Craig Davies and Michael Ricketts. Northampton weren't in the game and their manager probably gave them a right rollicking at half-time. For some reason we started doing different things, silly things, and I don't think people are listening to what I've told them. We talked about where we could hurt Northampton by getting the ball out wide, but if people don't listen they will be out of the team. I was disappointed we weren't in front, but we had to go out and raise our game. Instead of doing that, we made everything look difficult."

"I'm upset and I expect other people to feel the same, so I'll take any criticism which comes my way. We had a good season last year and we don't look like having another. We've got players who can take care of the ball, but it frustrates me so much to see us hoof it. To be honest I expect Neil Kilkenny to do better in midfield, but it's all about the team and nobody whatsoever is telling them to go out and play long ball. Why did they do it? We needed to get Chris Taylor taking people on and Andy Liddell getting crosses in, but we stopped creating chances. It's no use me talking in the dressing room or shouting on the touchline if people are just going to live in a little world of their own."

"That's what is happening, and I can see it clearly. I've told the players they need to show guts, but I can't give them that. They've got to find it themselves. I want players who will get on the ball, show a bit of nous and make things happen, but I could see what was coming in the second half. At the moment it's a big thing for us that we go behind and there's nothing there. We still had 25 minutes after Northampton scored, but we huffed and puffed. I kept telling them to play it simple and get the ball out wide, but we stopped playing and I'm more frustrated than anyone. Last year we had a dressing room who stuck together. Last season's team would have steamrollered Northampton because once they got on top people couldn't live with them and that's what I need now."