To stand or not to stand?

Last updated : 24 November 2006 By The Chairman
Athletic are concerned that the fans in the Chaddy End are ignoring ground regulations which ban standing during games. Obviously responding to some complaint they have to be seen as taking some form of action against the fans who are standing on a regular basis. Football Regulations and Athletic's Safety Certificate require that all fans are seated during matches.

It is a difficult rule to enforce as standing is allowed at moments of excitement but for persistent offending is an offence. Any breach could put the club in danger of breaking the Safety Certificate and it could lead to restrictions being forced on the club, even the possibility of completely closing the Chaddy End. Club officals are now urging fans to comply with the regulations to save embarrassment for the club.

On the other hand MP Mike Hancock has put down an Early Day Motion (EDM 101) in the House of Commons calling for the introduction of safe standing areas at football grounds. This is an opportunity to raise this important matter as the Football Supporters Federation builds a momentum behind the issue. If you have a particular concern you can help highlight the issue and raise the pressure by writing to your MP NOW. You can find out who she/he is and how to contact her/him by going to this link.

Only by being pro-active can any action be commenced. To back up your case you should send any letters/emails or replies received to:

Phil Gatenby
Football Supporters Federation
Fans' Stadium - Kingsmeadow
Jack Goodchild Way
422a Kingston Road
Kingston KT1 2PB

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