Trust Oldham update

Last updated : 17 December 2019 By The Chairman

Trust Oldham have sent the following letter to the club:

"At the meeting with club MD Natalie Atkinson on 10th December. The Trust separately addressed concerns raised in a letter that we delivered earlier to the club. If you remember, one of our December targets was Trust’s share holders rights and accounts. The content of the letter is quite lengthy and technical in nature. So, we have summarised the key points below.

  1. Non-Disclosure agreements: Notification that from now on, it is Trust policy to refuse to sign NDA’s sprung upon us at the start of meetings. If they are needed, then we request advance notification before the meeting with reasons. This is so the Trust can determine whether it is worth attending a meeting with such restrictions in place and how it effects our dialogue with fans.

  2. Shareholder rights under the Company act 2006. We request access to view the full shareholders register. This should confirm that our details are on it. Additionally, this is as a reminder to the club that as share holders we have the right to be contacted to view and approve the club’s accounts before submission to Company’s house. The accounts for 2018/19 are due in March 2020.

  3. 2017/2018 abridged accounts. In our opinion and based on information seen so far, they are defective and we rejected them. We have now requested specific information which is critical to ensure the accounts for that period conforms to FRS 102 Schedule 1A. This is our entitlement as shareholders and we expect that information.

We expect a response in writing and as per the timescales quoted in clubs own customer service charter 2019/20. As a courtesy to the club, we have decided not to publish the letter in full yet. This is the only concession we are prepared to make at this stage. However, this may change subject to the responses we receive from the club.

Furthermore, the Trust is committed to good governance not only of our club but all EFL clubs. Hence, we have update the Football Supporters’ Association of this development as they are actively working on reform.

Above all, your continuing support motivates us to actively press to effect change from within and we thank you."