TTA consider their footballing future

Last updated : 23 June 2007 By Dave Moore
TTA (The Three Amigos) are considering their future in football after another Chris Porter transfer revelation makes the rounds. Porter's agent, rumoured to be a thorn in every deal associated with Porter, has informed the club that his client has now received an offer from a Scottish team. A loophole in compensation laws considers that Scotland counts as a cross border transfer and as such would leave Athletic peniless. The club were looking at a minimum of £700,000 from any potential transfer if Porter was to move to an English team. The speculation could put a hold on all incoming transfer deals and the club are asking Porter to show some loyalty and do the right thing.

The two Simons (Blitz and Corney) confess that they are "seriously disillusioned" with the events and Mr. Corney went on to say, "There is nothing to stop Chris going to a different league, playing for one season and then being sold back for a fee which should morally be ours. We signed Chris as a young player and improved his game over the last two years, and we feel we're owed some loyalty. It would change all our plans for next season if there was no money coming in, and frankly just the threat he might do it is sickening enough. Next season was the time we wanted to make inroads into our debt as we can't keep on losing large amounts of money. We offered Chris a very good contract and we still want him to stay, but we knew, or thought we did, that if he went we'd have money to spend on new players. If that isn't the case, then what happens next? We've no choice but to stop all signings until we know whether our best asset is leaving for nothing."

The Porter situation not only leaves the club owners disillusioned but also the lifeblood of the club - the fans. The vast majority of the Latics following have great respect and admiration for TTA, for without them there might be no club today. They have always been transparent in their dealings but it would cast a huge cloud over Boundary Park if they were to desert the club at this crucial stage of their development. Recent dealing with the likes of Chris Moore and Iain Dowie has left the Oldham public suspicious of big-time Johnnies who lie and cheat just to line their own pockets.

TTA have always been above board and have generally been honest with all their intentions so let's hope they continue to back the club both morally as well as financially.You can well understand their frustration with all the loopholes available for all and sundry to take advantage of every situation, but to put all incoming transfers on hold smacks of desperation and is definitely not the way forward for our football team.

Integrity must be the watchword at all times and if, heaven forbid, TTA ever decide to pull the plug, let's hope that they continue to be totally honest and that they don't hide behind other issues as an excuse. The fans love the club and deserve honest owners to leave them with values and a plan that can be maintained.