Wellens gives update

Latics manager Richie Wellens has given an update on his rebuilding plans after the signing of Jose Baxter.

Wellens said, “We’ll probably be keeping the majority of the squad, mainly because clubs won’t come in for players who’ve been relegated. I’m looking at any players, and there are a lot of National League players out there who are capable of stepping up. The problem with National League players that do well is that they cost a lot of money so I have to look around for players who are available, maybe out of contract, because I’m not in a position to pay transfer fees.”

“Obviously we want to go up next season, so I also want to get players in I believe are capable of playing in League One. It’s about getting the balance right. We’re working to a budget so there will have to be players leaving before we get some players in. I’ve been in for the last seven or eight days trying to get players out,but it's still a little bit early. There’s clubs out there with no manager. Hopefully things will settle down over the next week or so and managers will be returning to work. If players are going to leave, I want them to leave as soon as possible so that it gives me more time to replace them.”