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Last updated : 23 October 2007 By Latic_Sheff
Before anyone starts having a go, I have a lot of time for Shez and feel he is the man to turn it around and that we have the players to do it. However, some of the things Shez is saying at the moment are starting to worry me. For example, saying we played 'excellent and should have won the game' against Huddersfield goes against the game I saw.

Granted, we had the superiority in the first half and deserved the lead, but for some reason the passing and game plan from last season seems to have disappeared.

We seem to be playing long balls all the time for Davies (pictured) and the other strikers and it just doesn't work. What's happened to the passing on the deck in triangles and Kilkenny pushing on and playing through balls to the strikers?

The midfield are also way too deep and the amount of time we give teams on the ball is an absolute joke - the guy had at least 20 seconds to turn, pick his man out and cross on Saturday with no pressure whatsoever, and it is happening every game.

Now whether Shez is playing the tactic of sit deep, long ball and counter attack, I dont know. Maybe it is the players feeling the pressure of expectation unlike last season where we didn't expect instant success, so the players could just play relatively pressure free?

We are also so predictable it is laughable. It's always big kick up to Ricketts, lay off to Liddell, point and kick back to Eardley who aimlessly crosses it to no one in the box, or its given to Taylor (pictured) who runs into brick walls and doesn't look up and is playing more like a full back each week. (Try coming closer to the ball rather than staying deep and on the touchline where you dont get involved and PUSH UP!) There just seems to be no variety to the play or ideas on the pitch. Just hit and hope. Where have we seen that before? At the moment we have the individuals, not the team.

But how Allott can be classed as a footballer or even a midfielder I will never know. I was very impressed in pre-season and v's Swansea but it's been the same old Allott since then. We should have given Wellens the extra 1k a week he wanted (3k in total). I'm sure Allott's wages and the £40,000 transfer fee would have covered it.

I truly hope Shez and the lads can turn it around and start playing FOOTBALL again like last season. It was a joy to watch at times. We have the players on paper, can we get the team and performances we assume we are capable of.
Only time will tell, but as much as I hate to say it, I think we will get battered against Doncaster and maybe Shez will realise that things are not as bright as they may seem and that we ARE NOT PLAYING WELL!



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