Post game inquisition

Last updated : 16 April 2007 By The Chairman
The Latics boss John Sheridan can sympathise with the Boundary Park faithful. They booed off the team at half time as well as at the conclusion of the 2-0 home defeat by basement wallowers Cheltenham. Shez admitted to the official website that he was "right with the crowd".

He said, "I wanted the crowd to shout and sing, but they had nothing to sing about. They're disappointed because they can feel us slipping out of the play-offs, and I'm right with the crowd on this occasion. They had nothing to sing about, it was disappointing and if we perform like that they have a right to have a go. Sometimes I'll stick up for the players, but not today."

He also sprung to the defence of goalkeeper Les Pogliacomi (pictured) after he was substituted at half time. He said, "It wasn't hard to see why he came off but I will not pick on individuals. Les didn't have a good time but it's a team game, he's saved us before and I hope he'll save us again. I know Les' personality and I've had a chat with him. He's a great lad who I'd love to do well, and now he's just got to be strong. I went through a similar situation myself at Sheffield Wednesday, and sometimes you've just got to be big, strong and take it on the chin and get on with it. Les will get better if he does that. He's a bit upset but won't sulk in a corner, and we'll have a chat on Monday to sort things out. Games like that happen to every goalkeeper, and every player, at some point. Yes, he's let soft goals in but I've stuck with him. Let's not forget that things could have been done better by the outfield players to prevent the goals in the first place."