Can Oldham get only their second win of the season?

Last updated : 11 September 2006 By Andy Steel

Oldham Vs Scunthorpe

In what was built up as a must win game for Oldham after the devastating defeat to Bournemouth last Saturday. Andy Liddell pulled Oldham back to 2-2 after a dreadful performance in the first half and two goals from James Hayter. Only for a last minute goal from Bournemouth to win the match.

It wasn't a good start for me personally. I got to the game late thanks to unforeseen hunger for 1 of the 4 of us going to the match. I missed the starting line up and had to work out who was playing. I was able to work out the Oldham players but not the Scunny players.

The thing that stood out for me was the 1 being on the pitch. The Aussie Pogs, (or Pogliacomi for those of you who don't know his nickname, you know who you are), was back, YES. Porter was also playing for the first time at home this season a second lesser yes seems right, yes.

looked good and had Scunny on the back foot for a lot of the first half. Then disaster struck moans of “oh no not again” and others to that effect could be heard…. If of course you had been sitting in the Rochdale Road End (the away stand for those of you who don't know what that is, again you know who you are). The Chaddy End (I'm not going to bother even explaining that one) however was full of celebration. GOAL NUMBER 15 GARY MCDONALD, YESSSSSSS. Oldham 1-0 Scunthorpe, another YES just for good luck. After the goal I can't remember much about the first half. I think I was just in a kind of surreal state after only Oldham's 2nd goal at home.

The players went in for the interval. In which time my mate and I sent each other stuff over Bluetooth on our phones and complained about how a kid 2 rows in front had spent the whole of the first half playing on his PSP, on a game my friend was adamant was absolute rubbish and wished he had never bothered buy.

Before we had finished about how rude and ignorant the kid was being, the Scunny players came out and started to run around the center circle for what could have been about 5 minutes before the Oldham players came out.

This half I remember a bit more about compared to the first half, certainly more than the kid mentioned earlier as he didn't seem to realize where he was or what was going on. Oldham seemed to be playing a lot of long balls but dare I say it, it was exiting because it seemed to be working. Porter was getting behind the defence as was Warne. Scunny were attacking Oldham as well but thanks to some good defending from Haining and Stam and some good saves from Pogs Oldham were still in the lead. Oldham hardly tested the ‘keeper for Scunny, Joe Murphy the former Oldham trialist, because again of good defending and some poor finishes. Then GOAL, wait a whistle NO “he's disallowed it.” Porter managed to get the ball in the net but that was after the whistle because of a nothing foul by Haining. It was from a well worked free kick. Andy Liddell stood over the ball on the right hand corner of the box, Richie Wellens whispered something in his ear and then seem to tell Haining to go somwhere. Andy Liddell took it, Haining nodded it on, whistle GOAL. Wait I've already done this it was disallowed because when Haining nodded it on he had his hands on the back of 1 of the Scunny players.

A couple of subs were made by both teams Warne out Grabban in, Rocastle also came on for Eardley.
Grabban looked good but that was not what sticks in my mind. 1 one of the Scunny players pulled him down and then nudged Grabban's head with his ankle.

It finally came the full time whistle and a well deserved 3 points.

Man of the match: Stam (again)

Worst player on the pitch: honestly can't say no-one seems to stand out as bad.

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