After match quotes

Last updated : 11 January 2005 By The Chairman
After the euphoria of beating Manchester City in the FA Cup the following statements were made by various individuals, mostly to the Oldham Chronicle.

Manager Brian Talbot said, “It was a clinical finish (from Vernon) which proved how dangerous Scott is in the box. The setpiece was excellent and, when David Eyres put the ball across, it was in the net in a flash. The goal gave us something to defend, and we did the job absolutely magnificently for the rest of the game. We blocked shots, stayed with runners, put bodies on the line, competed in the air and got something in the way every time. Everyone knew their role within the team and every player carried out their responsibilities to the letter. The players know they aren’t going to win the FA Cup but, after beating a Premiership side, it must feel like they’ve won it already. I looked at the weather beforehand — the rain and the gales and all the things which make you cold — and I said to myself: ‘These conditions couldn’t be better’. Certain things worked out nicely for us, but we always felt we had a chance. And the players have proved it brilliantly.”

“Beating City was a fantastic experience for them. They have proved to everybody, including themselves, that there’s lots of potential in the side. Playing against a Premiership team could only help their development, whatever the result, and everyone could see how well they responded. They have had a wonderful victory, and they need to build on this when we go back to our bread and butter. We are trying to nurture some good young players, who are now showing discipline in their play and starting to organise themselves out on the pitch. Two months ago we were in the bottom four — we don’t want to go back there, so it’s vital to maintain this form when we play Doncaster on Saturday. We don’t want a situation where it’s after the Lord Mayor’s Show, which is always a danger when you’ve had a big cup win. But confidence should be very high, and it would be lovely if all the fans who turned out on Saturday came back for the Doncaster game.”

Sponsor’s Man of the Match Les Pogliacomi said, “It’s sheer euphoria in there (dressing room), and this is the best I’ve felt personally since I arrived three seasons ago. It might not sink in until we all pick up a newspaper in the morning, but the boys are ecstatic. It’s a fantastic feeling to beat a Premiership side, especially as our supporters came charging on to the pitch to celebrate. That shows how much it means to everyone at the club, and we feel as though we’ve done Oldham Athletic proud. We were under the cosh after half-time, but that was always going to happen because Kevin Keegan was sure to get his team fired up. It was a tough job to hold on, but all credit to the back four — they all worked so, so hard. The wind made it difficult for goalkeepers, and at times even David James was undecided about coming off his line, but our two centre-halves were brilliant in the air. Will Haining and Danny Hall set the example for everybody, and Alex Bruce and Adam Griffin were absolutely rock solid.”

Kevin Keegan said, “Fair play to Oldham because they got the start they wanted and worked very hard. We spent most of the game trying to retrieve it but, through a culmination of different things, we just couldn’t score — this is not a nice feeling.”

Many Latics fans - “Bloody hell, we did it!”