Amadi-Holloway reflects

Aaron Amadi-Holloway scored a last minute winner to beat local rivals Bury on Tuesday and was obviously delighted as he had only entered the field in the 87th minute as a substitute for Craig Davies.

Finding it difficult to explain his feelings he said, “I literally cannot describe the feeling. I just can’t describe it. It’s definitely my favourite goal out of the few that I’ve got so far. I’ve got to thank Davies and Doyle who ran a lot in the 80 minutes and fortunately I could just come on and poach the last goal. It’s very hard for a striker who isn’t scoring goals. When you are on a run of four or five, your confidence is down but mine has been around 15 games so it’s an important goal for me. Hopefully I can pick my head up now and contribute to the team. When you are not playing, you feel like you are not involved and not contributing but today was a good day.”