Arber considers Posh deal

Last updated : 14 January 2005 By Dave Moore
The South African defender Mark Arber is considering a two and a half year deal which is on the table at Peterborough United. Arber is currently on loan at Posh but it hoping for a cash pay-off from Athletic as Peterborough are not in a position to offer him more money so as to match his current deal at Boundary Park.

Talking to the Chronicle, Alan Hardy said, “From what I understand, Peterborough have offered Mark a two and a half year contract while he has 18 months left here, so he has an extra year’s security. The decision is down to the player whether he plays for Peterborough and receives appearance money and bonuses or returns here to play in the reserves. When you look at the whole package I don’t think there is much difference in pay.”

Posh manager Barry Fry said, “I told Mark how much I want to keep him and I know for a fact that he wants to come back. We were all absolutely gutted to lose him in the summer and I'm convinced I would be getting back a defender who is as good as anyone in this league. To sign him for nothing would be a real bargain. I made Mark an offer until the end of next season but obviously that will be nowhere near the lucrative deal he is on at Oldham. Mark agreed in principle but it all depends on whether Oldham are prepared to give him what he wants. I know Oldham can be stubborn and I know that Mark Arber can as well.”