Blackpool news

Last updated : 22 January 2004 By The Chairman
Acting boss John Sheridan has to decide whether or not to recall centre back Will Haining to the team to face Blackpool. Haining has helped Athletic to some good performances before his one match ban but the team have impressed since his absence. One option would be to play Danny Hall, Gareth Owen and Haining as a back three or another option would be to move Hall or Haining into midfield and leave himself out.

The match will be a bit of a grudge match as Blackpool have beaten Athletic twice at Boundary Park, once in the league and once in the FA Cup. More bad blood between the two teams exist as Blackpool feel that their manager, Steve McMahon, wants the Athletic job although he will be in charge of the Seasiders on Saturday...... but the biggest on-going saga is the Chaddy Owl v Bloomfield Bear Heavyweight Championship of Lancashire bout after the mystery missing boot case.

McMahon commented, “I’ve made a decision and I’m staying at this football club. Hopefully that will stop the rumours.” Now, what was it that a certain Mr. Dowie recently said?