Bloomfield Bear withdraws his assault claim

Last updated : 29 January 2004 By The Chairman
Bloomfield Bear has withdrawn his assault claim against Chaddy The Owl after their public punch up in the FA Cup match in December. Chaddy had a counter claim but he has subsequently withdrawn it. The main reason for the withdrawals is that Bloomfield couldn’t ‘bear’ the thought of going to court and Chaddy didn’t want to end up ‘caged’.

The trouble started after a scuffle in the half-time penalty shoot out. Chaddy threw Bloomfield's giant foam boots into the Chaddy End and only one boot was retrieved although the other was subsequently returned to Bloomfield Road. There followed much caffuffle and threats from the Blackpool club which got the police involved and eventually an assault charge was claimed.

Chaddy said, “I am very happy and pleased it's all over. My solicitor had said that the worst that could have happened is that we'd have both gone to court and due to the enormous number of witnesses coming forward the trial could have lasted over 5 months, although he said he would have expected any judge to throw it out within 5 minutes, if the CPS hadn't thrown it out before. Some nasty things were said from Blackpool in the days after the match, but as far as I'm concerned they are all forgotton about and I've moved on. I may be banned from Bloomfield Road but I couldn't give a hoot and I never hold grudges against anyone so if it's up to me then, any mascot including Blackpool's will be most welcome at Boundary Park in the future.”