Bobby Johnston Competition

Last updated : 06 April 2007 By The Chairman
The Bobby Johnston Competition is now over. The questions appeared to be a little too difficult, even for die hard Oldham Athletic fans, as the winning entry had a total of just 9 correct answers. Here are the questions again with the answers (in brackets), and the winner is named at the bottom.

1) Who was the first ever player to score in successive FA Cup finals?
(Bobby Johnston)

2) Which former Latics player used to live on the Hattersley estate and caught the bus to and from Boundary Park?
(Paul Heaton)

3) Who was the first Latics player to be involved in a £1m transfer?
(Mike Milligan to Everton)

4) Athletic's all time league appearance record is held by a player who also appeared for three US teams. Who is the player and which three US teams did he play for?
(Ian Wood - Denver Dynamo, San Jose Earthquakes and Whichita Wings)

5) Which 45rpm record was recorded about the Latics all time goalscorer?
(Roger Rap)

6) Which former Latics player married the widow of another former Latics player? (Les Chapman married Debbie Groves)

7) Leading goalscorer Roger Palmer was presented with a momento for scoring his 100th. goal. Where was it scored and what was he given?
(At Birmingham - he was given a silver salver)

8) Oldham Athletic first entered league football to the detriment of another team. Name that team?
(Burslem Port Vale)

9) One of the first International teams ever to visit Boundary Park occured around 1960. Who was the team?
(Belgrade SC)

10) A relatively 'big' footballing name visited Boundary Park for a mid-week Lancashire Senior Cup tie against Everton around 1962. Who was he?
(Denis Law)

11) The Littlewoods Cup Final against Forest at Wembley was given a unique nickname because of the non-rivalry between the fans. What nickname was it?
(Friendly Final)

12) Which staff member of the Latics was an England coach?
(Bill Taylor)

13) Where did Athletic's record run of league wins end and what was the score?
(Chesterfield 1-0)

14) What will be best remembered to Latics fans as the St. Valentines Day massacre?
(Littlewoods Cup - Latics 6 West Ham 0)

15) Where was the first ever Sunday football league game played and which teams were involved?
This is the only question which had the quizmaster stumped. I did of course mean to ask which was the first ever Sunday game between two first class clubs and the answer would have been Cambridge United v Latics which was an FA Cup game. The most common answer received was Darlington v Mansfield in 1981 (not confirmed0. I will have to concede that the question was wrongly worded. The answer did not affect the result of the winning entry.

16) What was unusual about the referee in the 1990 FA Cup semi-final with Manchester United?
(Joe Worrall was a United season ticket holder and he disallowed a Nick Henry goal)

17) Which Premiership team did Oldham beat four times out of six meetings in the space of three seasons?

18) Name the English club which begins with seven consecutive consonants?
(Blyth Spartans)

19) Who was the last player, whilst playing in the Third Division of the Football League, to captain England?"
Bit of a catch, this one (Ian Botham - Scunthorpe)

20) Give the nickname of the Chaddy End legend who sadly passed away in 1994?
(Meat Pie Fred)

21) Athletic won at Nottingham Forest in the third round of the FA Cup, but Forest got knocked out of the FA Cup at the quarter finals stages in the same year. What happened?
(FA Cup replay 1973-74 Latics beat Cambridge at Forest's neutral ground)

Congratulation to winner Barry Noble and to all other entrants. The next one will not have to be as tough. Mr. Noble, a signed copy of "Bobby Johnston : The Passing of an Age" will be finding its way to your door in the not too distant future courtesy of Oldham Mad and Breedon Books. Enjoy your reading about the great man.