Disappointed Moore blasts team

Last updated : 12 January 2006 By The Chairman
Ronnie Moore was very disappointed with the defeat at Bloomfield Road which ended their nine match unbeaten spell. The manager and team came in for some verbal stick from the travelling army of about 1,000 supporters and he said, “It’s not just that we lost our unbeaten run, what really disappoints me is the way it happened. Certain players thought it was ‘only’ Blackpool. They thought they just had to turn up and win. Those players know who they are, and they had a rude awakening which will hopefully stop them ever thinking like that again. We should have been rolling up our sleeves to beat a team near the bottom, but we lost our record with a whimper. That’s not good enough, and I felt sorry for the supporters – they rightly expect better than they saw. It’s amazing how often we’ve got a good crowd behind us and then let everybody down with the performance.”

"The game was there to be won, especially the first half when we were on top, but we lost our way badly for 15 minutes. That's when they hurt us, it was a bad goal to concede. Both our defenders basically went the wrong way and their lad hit a sweet strike which left Chris Day (pictured) with no chance. We just didn't roll our sleeves up and battle enough. We might look back on this match and regret not grinding out a result. It was the sort of game where you have to take whatever comes your way, and we had some great chances one of which was Stam's miss early on in the game."

"Andy Liddell and Luke Beckett all had great chances and Chris Porter brought a save from the keeper right at the end, so it's not as if we created nothing. We created a lot more chances than Blackpool and apart from the goal and I can only remember Daisy (Chris Day) making one save, which was a great one on to the bar. It's just that 15 minute spell which killed us and there were too many players out there who thought all they had to do was just turn up. We should have been rolling up our sleeves, but there weren't enough winners out there and that's very disappointing to me."

"We could have gone sixth if we had won, but you wouldn't have thought so looking at the performance. We needed something to get us back into it, so I changed things around with the three substitutions. Our three up front hadn't really been at the races, but we did apply some pressure at the end and their keeper did well. Whenever we get a good crowd behind us we always seem to end up shooting ourselves in the foot. We didn't do enough to win the game, and I'm as disappointed as the fans who rightly expected more."