Football Away Trips - Your story could be needed

Last updated : 25 January 2005 By Dave Moore
"Football Away Trips" is a brand new series for Sky One looking into the passion and dedication it takes to be an away fan. Just what drives hundreds of thousands of people to travel hundreds of miles every Saturday afternoon? Why do people prefer to battle against the traffic, awful weather, dilapidated stadiums, and the infamous dodgy pie when they could just stay at home?

Can the answer really be about a mere 90 minutes of inevitably turgid action at some far-flung outpost of the football empire? No, of course it's not. This series will reveal all to the uninitiated, exposing a world full of mysterious pleasures and compulsions. By following fans on their regular pilgrimages across the country, it will unveil the true story of a British obsession, full of comedy, madness and warmth.

They are looking for people to help them portray this great, but largely unseen obsession. Regardless of what team you support, which division they are in, or where they are in Great Britain, they want to hear from you. Filming runs from the end of January until late March 2005 and they want to know what away trips you have planned? Are you missing your anniversary to watch your team or maybe you're taking your partner with you for the first time to show them what all the fuss is about? Are you going to a ground you've never been to before, or possibly returning to a ground with special memories?

Whatever your story, they want to hear from you! To get in touch, please call: 0870 881 0865 or email