Jewell and Terry comment

Paul Jewell, newly appointed assistant manager at Boundary Park said of his return to football, “I’ve been out the game for a long time now but I’ve not had my eyes closed. I’ve been watching games and a role like this is something I think I can fulfil. I don’t want to be the manager and Richie is new to the job. I was 33 when I got my first job and you are never ready. I thought I was but you have no idea what it entails. I’m only here to do what he wants me to do. You have to make mistakes to learn from them but there are some that are avoidable. If I can help Richie avoid those mistakes that I made and a lot of managers make then that’s what I want to do. We lose too many good managers early because they haven’t got enough help around them. I’m just here to do what he wants to do whether that be coaching, watching games, dealing with the press, whatever he wants, I’m here. One thing which is certain, he’s the boss, not me.”

Paul Terry, the new first team coach added, “Richie has given me the chance to come in and support him in any way he needs me. We have Paul’s experience to lean on and we are going to need that in the coming weeks and for the rest of the season. I’m looking forward to it, it’s a really exciting time and it’s a good time to be here.”