Maouche reinforces feel-good factor

Last updated : 03 February 2020 By Dave Moore

Mohammed Maouche has reinforced the new feel-good factor among the players at Boundary Park and explained why he and his teammates are currently enjoying their football so much.


He said, “We are really happy. We've enjoyed these last two games to be honest. We've played with a lot of pleasure, with patience as well, but we've enjoyed it. It was a long ball, Rowey outfought his man, got his first touch and I felt like the ball was going to go behind the defence, so I scored with the shot on the first touch with my left foot and it was an alright finish if I do say so myself. I know I have the confidence of everyone. It's my third season here in Oldham, I'm feeling really good. People who play a lot of football know to come on after 20-30 minutes it's always very, very hard so I'm pleased I did well and the team, to be honest, was really good so I had to be on their level straight away. We've seen recently that we've created a lot, a lot of chances from everywhere. On the right side from G [Nepomuceno], Jonny of course we know how well he is doing and Rowey is here now and is a great player. But I have to mention Pidge [Piergianni] has been amazing as a defender. We won 3-0 so we're going to talk about the attacking side, but the defending side we were really good.”


“We've won these last two games which is good. Now we're going to have a rest and, in football, the most important game is the next one so this one is already done. It's finished and we have to think about Crewe now. I have quite a big responsibility when I'm on the pitch. I never try to hide myself. I always go onto the ball and try to play, try to create chances for my teammates, so he knows [Dino] that and he's pushing me, so it can only help my development. We know we've been in quite tough moments during this season, so that's why we've won the last two games because we wanted to improve but we've got to keep our feet on the ground, stay calm and go back to work early next week and focus on the next game. We've had three games in a week so, when it's like this, it's always hard to work on technique or the physique or even the tactics, so he [Dino] was more focused on the spirit to be honest so we can stick together and we felt that.”