Moore dispells rift rumour

Last updated : 25 January 2006 By Dave Moore
Ronnie Moore (pictured) has dispelled rumours that there is a rift between him and Luke Beckett. After Beckett's comments he responded with, “Luke is entitled to his opinion and he’s old enough to express it if he wants. I’m sure people will think there’s a fall-out, but that isn’t the case and I have nothing but respect for him. Making him a scapegoat never entered my mind. What I wanted was a response, which I got when he scored two goals on Saturday. The first time I dropped him this season I told him why I did it. This time I wanted to see his reaction."

"Deep down he knew he wasn’t playing well, but if you can get Luke Beckett at the top of his game every week he will stay in the side. He seems to think he was treated differently to everyone else, but I’m sure other players think they’ve had it rough as well. There’s no rift between myself and any of the lads. They are behind me, they are behind the club and we all have the same commitment to winning games. As long as that’s happening we’re all doing our jobs, and I honestly don’t care what the players think of me.”