Owen to stay on board

Last updated : 23 January 2015 By The Chairman

The club have announced that Barry Owen will continue to serve on the board of directors at Boundary Park. This is an about-turn after Owen had stepped down from his position as chairman of Trust Oldham. He was originally elected as a representative of the fans in 2003 after the Trust raised funds to supplement the club and Owen was appointed to represent the supporters in the boardroom through his seat on the board.

Last week Owen resigned from the Trust (and thus the board) quoting, "My decision has nothing to do with recent events or criticism (Ched Evans debacle) and is something that I have been considering over the past few months due to my growing commitments with the club and the Football Association."

"I have been at the helm for 12 years and worked with some brilliant Directors who are dedicated and loyal servants. I thank them for their support on many issues and the loyalty they have shown towards me."

"I leave knowing that I have tried my best for all fans and whilst I deplore the masses of abuse from a minority, some of which has been libellous and harmful to my family, I have always tried to be objective and work above that conduct. I only hope that my replacement is never in such a position."

Regarding his decision to stay on the board Owen said: "I am pleased to be continuing my Directorship with Oldham Athletic and to being part of the team going forward. I have a lot more to offer and am looking forward to a particularly exciting future with the development of the new facilities at the club."