Pay-off deal for Jermain Johnson?

Last updated : 25 January 2005 By The Chairman
The Oldham Chronicle have reported that manager Brian Talbot has dubbed Jermain Johnson as a “a law unto himself” in a scathing attack on the player. Talbot criticised the strikers attitude at Boundary Park and has offered him a pay off deal which will see his contract ripped up.

Talbot said, “JJ is a good player and I know people like him, but we’ve been having problems with him. We’ve given him time off and he has come back late. He has gone on International duty and missed the next club game. He has been injured and turned up late for treatment. If you pay someone a decent wage, you expect a decent day’s work in return, and you also expect 100-per-cent commitment. JJ is a law unto himself and I’m not going to put up with that from anyone. We are in a battle, so we need battlers. He isn’t a bad lad, but he needs shock treatment — I won’t accept half measures."

"Maybe something like this will help the lad come to his senses, which I hope he does because he’s talented. The club has reached a stage where we are making progress, but we’ll only do that with people who are playing for the shirt. Supporters might think I’m brash in what I say, but I’m just being honest — this is in the best interests of the club.”