Robinson in for long haul

Last updated : 04 January 2017 By The Chairman

After the Latics latest performance, a 0-0 home draw with Port Vale, manager Stephen Robinson has confirmed that he is sticking to the job for the long run and still hopes to be able to make changes to the squad soon. In an interview with Radio Manchester he did confess that any signing will be out of his hands and other people at the club should be approached for possible signing news, even though the club is still under a transfer embargo.

The performance against the Vale was much improved from the Fleetwood game but the club still prop up the League table. Robinson said, “I am certainly not walking away from it, I know that. I took on a massive job. I have had criticism, deservedly sometimes and undeservedly and ridiculously on occasions. It is a difficult job but the players are giving me everything. I don't intend walking away. That will be for other people to make that decision.”

“We will hopefully be able to do some bits and pieces before the Mansfield game but at the moment, I only know I have the squad that I have. I have no idea when the embargo is being lifted. I will work with what I have been given and try to turn this place around. I am not sure what more we have to do. Actually I am - put the ball into the back of the net. To a man my team, including the subs, gave me everything. And they have done in the last three games, absolutely running themselves into the ground."

"Peter Clarke said afterwards it was a pleasure to be part of that team. We are a horrible side to play against when we play like that. We are aggressive and energetic and could not be any more attacking with the side we put out - yet still we haven't had a slice of fortune. It is clear for everyone to see that if we had someone who could score goals, we would not be in the position we are in. Fortunes have got to change. We are playing well, creating chances, putting bodies on the line and running further than every other team we play.”