Rochdale drop clanger

Rochdale AFC dropped another massive clanger in allowing pay-on-the-gate at last night's derby clash with the Latics. It most likely worked out well for them financially but it was a disgrace that people's safety was not considered a priority. There were obviously too many fans in the Oldham section as half the sideline was filled 5-6 deep with fans standing to watch the match because the seat they had paid for was not available due to over-selling. These people were standing in the non-standing shaded section of the ground, obviously a safety area!

People on the first few rows of seating were forced to stand as their view of the match would be impeded by the standing fans. This had a knock-on effect as people behind them also had to stand to view the game. One boy in a wheel-chair must have had the whole of his game ruined because of the incident. Police and stewards were unable to move the fans as there was nowhere for them to sit so they obviously had to allow them to remain standing in the non-standing area as a riot would have followed had they decided to eject them from the ground.

I feel that there should be an investigation as to how this was allowed to happen as there must be some indication as to exactly how many people are entering a certain section of the ground. Fair play to the Oldham fans and to the Rochdale stewards who remained cheerful throughout the game; Rochdale should be held accountable for this action and should consider themselves extremely lucky that nobody was injured because of their incompetence.