Rowe gets off the mark

Last updated : 29 January 2020 By The Chairman

Danny Rowe scored his first Football League goal at Salford on Saturday to earn the Latics a deserved point in the newest derby match.


He commented, “It's obviously good to get off the mark for me. Zak [Dearnley] put me through, they were claiming for offside but I thought I never was. I wanted it on my right foot really but when it went back on my left it bounced well and I struck it. As soon as I struck it I knew I'd scored and it's good to get the point from it as well. In the first-half we weren't great up until the goal really, and it just kind of changed us and changed the game. It give us a bit of confidence and we were winning everything after that and it was us trying to push to try and win it. It's my first goal and hopefully the first of many.”


“I got frustrated at times as well. With balls coming down your throat a lot and playing against two big lads that kept heading it, it was tough but you always think in games you're going to get a chance. The longer it went on, it was getting frustrating. We weren't playing well but when I got put in I was confident I was going to score. My best years were at Fylde obviously as a player, and in that time I was allowed a lot to drift around and had a good year with Jonny Smith at Fylde too. I know what he's like and I'm going to hook it round corners and I'll know he'll be in. As a player I do drop and sometimes go in behind and roam around in a certain way to get that shot on goal.”


“I'm quite a quiet lad to be fair. It's good to see them all chanting your name and it does give you confidence. Overall for me it's good to get off the mark. That gives me confidence as well and the fans will be happy I've scored, so going forward it's good. It's good for me to score for confidence wise, because there was a lot of talk from people when I came here that they were expecting this and that. The longer it went without me scoring or without me doing well it wasn't going to be ideal so I'm happy I've been able to score early. It's been great. I've got to know everyone, I now travel in with two of the lads so I've settled in well and it's been good overall.”