Rowe interview

Last updated : 18 January 2020 By Dave Moore

The Latics' fifth signing during the January transfer window, Danny Rowe, has confessed that the club have been after him for some time. He will be available for selection against Carlisle United today.


He said, "It's been going on for a quite a bit to be honest now, so I'm just very happy to get here and play in the Football League which is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I knew of the interest from the club in the summer and unfortunately it never happened but I was aware of the interest again earlier on this month and I wasn't sure what what happen with my current contract I had till the end of the season. But when I was told it would happen and we were confident it'd go through this week I was just delighted to get here and get it all done eventually."


"With knowing I've been wanted by the club for a while it was still a big decision for me to make. It wasn't the only reason why I wanted to be here but it was a big factor and definitely helped. I spoke to Dino briefly when I arrived and basically said he wants to work with me, improve me in different ways, about pressing and a few other things but obviously I've come here as a forward to do well for the team, with my main job being to score goals. I've played with Jonny Smith and Piergianni so I've naturally spoken to those two. I especially spoke to Jonny a bit a go and to 'Pidge' this week after he joined recently. Both have said all good things to be fair. Jonny was just saying about how he came in and how much he's learnt since being here and how it's a good club. They weren't the only reasons I've wanted to be here. The Chairman has wanted me for a bit and it's obvious that I've always wanted to play in the Football League. As a player most of my game is around finishing. People on the whole would say I'm a good finisher and I've scored a lot of goals over the last few years. I'm also a big forward that can get a hold of the ball and cause problems."


"When I spoke to Jonny he was saying overall the team are playing quite well they were just not really taking their chances. Where a lot of my game is about scoring goals and taking those chances that the likes of Jonny can create. Looking throughout the team already they've got good forwards as well, including the new signing from Salford, Mani, who's a good player after playing against him last season. Going into a new club and going up a level it's a challenge for myself as well. I wouldn't say it's properly sunk in yet, I wasn't sure if it would get done this quickly but it is has which I'm grateful for and, like I said, it's a challenge for myself personally to step up a level and prove myself. Going into the game at the weekend I've got to prove that I'm good enough to step up the level and I hope the fans will like me as a player. It's more so to look at myself and prove to everyone I can do it. It really is a massive chance for me. I'm grateful the club have wanted me as well to give me the chance to prove myself. I've been getting a lot of tweets online with some quite funny ones, but overall I'm just glad to be here."