Wheater not happy behind closed doors

Last updated : 18 April 2020 By Dave Moore

Latics'captain David Wheater is not happy with the idea of playing the remainer of the season behind closed doors.


He commented, “It’s what we play for, the fans, to it will be tough to get up for the games we’re involved in. Normally if you do something good you get a cheer or if you do something bad you’ll get booed and that’s what spurs you on but you’d like to think the head of the FA and EFL will be getting advice from the experts as well, so it must be the best thing for us to do. When you train with no fans there’s no pressure on you. But in a game you go out there to win and put on your best performance. With no fans maybe it’ll give it a friendly feel where you go out there and don’t want to get injured at the start of a season, and don’t go in for tackles.”